Arts Education

Learn more about all of the top-tier art programs here at Westinghouse Arts Academy

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts program focuses on all aspects of the food service industry from food safety and basic cookery to planning and business management.


The dance department at Westinghouse Arts Academy prepares students to be highly skilled dancers for the demands of the future.

Digital Arts

In the Digital Arts program, students learn to capture, manipulate, and present imagery for use in real-world applications.

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music program focuses on developing the musicianship of instrumental students through a variety of instruction, rehearsal, and performance.

Literary Arts

The Literary Arts program provides students with an exploratory experience in the world through the practice and execution of literature and writing methods.

Musical Theatre

The award-winning Musical Theatre program at Westinghouse Arts cultivates the inspired performing artist in the areas of acting, voice, dance, technical theatre, and music literacy.

Studio Arts

Studio Arts examine creative techniques through the application of studies using traditional visual mediums: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and mixed media.

Theatre Arts

Students studying Theatre Arts will embark on an exploration of the many creative pathways that a career in theatre has to offer. From dance to directing to theatre design, students will explore all aspects including the art of acting.

Vocal Music

The Vocal Music program at Westinghouse Arts Academy provides students the opportunity to develop their singing talent in a nurturing and supportive environment.

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