Culinary Arts Program

The Culinary Arts program addresses all aspects of the food service industry to equip students as the next generation of culinary specialists. From food safety and basic cookery to planning and business management, students will practice production, service, and managerial skills used in various food service occupations. 

Culinary Arts covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Culinary math
  • Marketing and sales
  • Nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • Food safety
  • Use and care of commercial equipment
  • Operation of various types of food establishments
  • Planning, storing, preparing, and serving food and beverage products

In addition to technical skills, students will develop critical thinking, team building, problem-solving, effective communication, and leadership skills.  Upon completion, students will earn industry credentials to directly enter the workforce, or pursue further culinary education.

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to gain and hold employment in one of the many corners of the Hospitality Industry or move on to further education in Culinary or Pastry Arts. Alternatively, they will also have the basic knowledge to open their own businesses, market their services, and become successful entrepreneurs.


Artistic Expectations:

Audition/ Portfolio requirements: – see portfolio requirements, attached.
Required art courses and descriptions for your program: – students who handle food sold to the public must pass the ServSafe Food Handler Certification Exam at the beginning of their program, and will go on to gain further skills and certifications as they progress towards graduation.


Opportunities/ Events:

guest speakers, catering events, field trips, etc


Clubs/ Service Organizations:

FCCLA and Skills USA

Culinary Arts Instructor

Chef Evelyn Sussman

Chef Evelyn Sussman has been teaching Culinary Arts since 2007, working in high school and adult programs, as well as with special needs students to help them acquire the skills needed to successfully gain and hold employment in the food service industry. Chef Sussman’s educational journey began upon completion of her Associate’s in Culinary Arts with a certificate in Pastry. Continuing their culinary education,  they received their degree from Virginia Tech in Human Development and a master’s degree in Career and Technical Education. Chef Sussman also holds a Culinary Educator Certification through the American Culinary Federation. Their work experience ranges from simple quick, service locations to country clubs to high-volume food establishments.  During her time as an educator, Chef Sussman won multiple awards including the Idaho Potato Commission’s Innovative Culinary Educator Awards and the Award for the Effective Use of Technology in Culinary Education through Rational. She is always interested in growing her Culinary toolbox at summer conferences. When they’re not at Westinghouse Arts, Chef Sussman also works in food service and catering.


Required Coursework

Introduction to Culinary Arts 

This course provides lessons that will be the introduction of a four-year curriculum. Students will be able to begin their food
education. Students will be introduced to lessons in essentials of culinary arts skills and activities; as well as non-food and
food-based units.

Culinary Arts Foundations

This course builds upon the introductory course to Culinary Arts, creating rich experiences, and providing the basic skills and knowledge for students as they continue through this program. Students will become certified through the ServSafe Food Handler Program as part of their first year, becoming even more marketable, and increasing their chances of acquiring summer jobs in food. Some topics will be classroom-style lessons, while others will be lab lessons that require a small inventory of equipment and consumables such as refrigeration, food, and paper products.

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